I’ve decide to write this guide to help players understand the game better. The guide also aims to help players get the most powerful sectors & armies they can (that is after all the point of Total Domination) While written for players who don’t spend money on crystals, it works for those who do as well. In fact a post about Crystals will examine the best way to get the most out of them, and will surely benefit those who spend money more so than the free players. And now, on to the guide!

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy is a free online war game on Facebook. It is a build your base – conquer other player’s bases type, which seem to be quite popular on FB, as such I will from time to time compare it to other games of its type (namely Evony2, since I’ve played that game extensively) While at first it may appear that TD brings nothing new to the table (I mean, I am usually bored within seconds of yet another “build lumber mill” game) there is a very big difference. In fact the difference is so big that it completely changes the dynamic of how the game is played and makes it the best amongst the free online war games.

This difference is resource production. Intentionally or not, the developers made it so that upgrading your mines (which produce Uranium and Titanium – U & T from now on) has very long return on investment cycles. And by very long I am talking about months here. The progression of production for U and T mines is: 20 -> 25 -> 30 -> 44 -> 66 -> 100 ->120 after this each upgrade only adds +20 production per hour. Yet the cost of upgrade goes up by about 30-40% Pretty soon you get to lvl 10 -> 11 costs 12.6k U 9.2k T 12k Credits (for comparison lvl 9 -> 10 upgrade cost 7.5k U 5.5k T 7.5k C)But back to lvl 10 to 11 upgrade, it costs a combined ~20,000UT (uranium & titanium) and increases hourly production by +20. So, 20,000/20=1000 hours or 41.7 days. That’s over a month and it’s only level 11! (max lvl is 20)

Vaults (credit producing buildings) follow a different progression (ie. 100 -> 140 -> 200 -> 290 etc) and because you get 6 vaults, and only a combination of 4/5 or 5/4 U & T mines. It means that you’ll produce more credits than U or T (but it is set back by troops costing credits every hour.) It also means you’ll get more C from raiding than U or T. Because of all those reasons, and for ease of calculations, I will assume that Credits are free in all the calculations from here on. Obviously it’s not free, and in fact you’ll spend plenty of T & U upgrading your vaults, it just makes math much easier and keeps it more on the same level.

The lvl 10 to 11 upgrade above illustrates the difference between this and other games the most. It means that if you decide to spend those resources on the upgrade, then for the next 41.7 days you will actually be weaker than someone who did not upgrade their mine (they have those 20k UT to spend on units for instance) This simple fact makes the game much more strategic than say Evony2 where you had millions of resources and almost none of your decisions meant anything.

It also brings us to several important conclusions:  1) The difference between high level player and low level player in terms of resource production is going to be quite small. 2) It’s much easier to catch up to someone’s production than to get ahead of someone (lower lvl upgrades cost less, thus have faster return cycle) and most importantly 3) If you lose your army, it will be almost impossible to get back to your previous “power level” without spending money on crystals – this will ring more and more true the older the game gets and the larger your army becomes.

This guide will show you how to get the most out of all the things you do in the game (backed up my math!) Most credit card players (and players in general) ignore this very important math, and so you can gain an advantage over them by following this guide.  In the end though you have to remember that people who spend money on the game (and there are some who spend ridiculous amounts on this games) will have an upper hand. Credit card > math, it’s just a matter if they will spend enough to make it impossible to compete.

And with this introduction over, let’s move on to the more fun stuff – getting started on your path to total domination!